Friday, December 16, 2005

When do we settle?

The plan was devised during a tour de force bender in a Denver apartment, two American birthdays past. It was broad intentions and opportunity that became the catalysts for a move from the Midwest's familial grip and patterned normalcy to the Northwest's expansive reach and progressive aspiration. Now, just over a year has passed and I question what it is that makes one remain in a foreign locale and not willingly relapse into a second free for all of wishful pursuit. Is it the presumption of a repeated fate, or simply the warm embrace of comfort that keeps one from falling off the wagon? Both are prevalent in recent thoughts, but truth be told, the hops grow better in this drab and unrestrictive climate.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So this is how it starts...

The latest search for employment in Portland has officially begun today, on a day where I have discovered a new “profession” in the guise of a call center representative. It appears for the immediate future I will be aiding the digital world in their quest for additional minutes on their cellular leashes. Pause, for now I must allow the collective sigh of a world that hoped for so much more from their golden child to gather into a category five. It seems that something that should bring one pride and purpose has done little more than place an atoll in the path of this Katrina of inner-reflection and disillusionment. Hopefully this unfortunate event will be as short and painless in duration as the discovery of a new long-lasting and gratifying “profession.” I will keep my golden fingers crossed along with the rest of this wireless globe.