Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Three feet deep is three feet too shallow, gravedigger."

Many of us have old vices in our past that we are convinced to have permanently loosened years ago. We have deceived ourselves to believe that there is no possible way these long-suppressed escapes could resurface into our present lives that are resonating with responsibility and advancement. Through the practiced tactics of displacement and education, the vices that once had an overbearing control of a psyche that was starving for altered experiences and constant action have been left to remain in those four-years. But sometimes we have a directionless will that reappears to us, which reminds us that we are weak to these avoided frailties that we all have; no matter how deep the present gravedigger buries them. Recent physical limitations seem to have directly led to a coup d’etat on the improved regime, seemingly indestructibly built on newly practiced tactics. Thankfully for this new regime, the gravedigger realizes his lapse and will continue to dig until his labor is complete. Yet, the vice still needs to be continuously loosened through deserved resentment since it will never completely be removed from the present, even if it is buried in our distanced pasts.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Our beloved disenfranchised trailblazer.

This dreary and bleak season has been an enduring and disheartening one, full of unsuccessful yearning and achieving in the romantic life of our disenfranchised trailblazer. The past winter has witnessed copious amounts of precipitation beat the rooftops, treetops and hillsides of this weathered and sequestered community, leaving a forced solitude for many, including our disenfranchised trailblazer. Self-embattlement and endless introspection left our disenfranchised trailblazer with an undesired emotional dependence to the damp and darkened climate, which we all know, is a formula for a slump in any facet of life’s game, especially that of love. But have we all been wronged by our disenfranchised trailblazer? With one week remaining in the season, our disenfranchised trailblazer has found one of both a physical and mental attraction more than desired, an honest idea that the supporters had long ago dismissed. A melancholy season had suddenly seemed more than salvageable for our disenfranchised trailblazer, for he has discovered a supporter who believed he may possess more than youthful potential and unattainable aspirations. Although it appears we were wronged by our disenfranchised trailblazer, we have in fact become a blind victim of belief. It has been recently brought to attention that the delightful new supporter of our disenfranchised trailblazer will be temporarily relocating away from our desperately hopeful city for the upcoming season. A new season that had miraculously appeared from this struggling season of disappointing effort and development, which is happily concluding for our disenfranchised trailblazer. Perhaps our beloved disenfranchised trailblazer also needs to relocate next season to rebuild, restock and, eventually, reintroduce his game to an eager and refreshed base of supporters.