Saturday, June 24, 2006

Room for None.

Oh shit yes, you're here girl. Blocks where I first laid my crosshairs on you, girl. I was hollerin' at my boy just this mornin' 'bout how you'd be crawlin' back to get some more of this. You was all over my shit last night at karaokee. Askin' me for some of my two-dollar tots...when girl you knew it was free game. Then I figured it was free game and asked you to duet some of that new Killer's bullshit and you was all, "that shit sets me right off, matty." So it was on, you hit the highs and I was all-up on those lows, hoes. Then we scattered back to the Motel matty with a grip of some whack-ass websters that were all, "let's post-okee some of that Fems back at room 86ed." I wasn't gonna be all, "nah, not tonight lads." But you had to be knowin' I just wanted it to be you and some matty kickin' it to some Marshall Mathers, while I be craftin' some tops-shelf microwave noodles for us to dine on. It's cool though, because we got some time to just talk about shit that just blew my mind straight off, canvassing. You was all twenty-five completes and two positive interactions, and I was all yeah we really shared something tonight, girl. And now you back in the spot to get all round two on matty, well girl welcome to Motel Matty; we gots to be wakin' around eleven.

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